NWS Update: Strong to Severe Storms Sunday

From: National Weather Service, Fort Worth
Date: Saturday, 10 July 2021 15:00 CDT

Bottom Line

Severe storms will be possible during the pre-dawn hours on Sunday and again Sunday afternoon.


  • Two rounds of strong to severe storms are forecast. The first round will be between 4am to near noon. The second round of strong to severe storms will likely take shape from 2pm to 9pm.
  • The main hazard will be damaging winds and large hail. The tornado threat is low.
  • Heavy rain will be possible, but the greatest flash flood risk will be across Central Texas.

Areas of Concern & General Timing



Threats/Hazardous Weather Types


Forecaster Confidence


General Timing


What We Are Certain Of:

  • There is a high likelihood of two rounds of storms Sunday.
  • The 1st round will be near/north of I-20 during the morning; the 2nd round of storms is expected across Central TX during the afternoon.
  • The main severe weather hazard will be damaging winds with a secondary hail and flood risk.
  • The tornado threat is LOW.

What We Are Less Certain Of:

  • The vigor of Sunday morning storms. Storms should weaken as they sag south of the Red River.
  • The exact coverage of Sunday afternoon storms.

When will the next email update be sent?

  • This will be the last email for this event.

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