National Severe Weather Preparedness Week- March 2-8 th , 2014

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Be Prepared For Emergencies While Traveling

Making an emergency kit is easy – here’s a 30 second video showing key emergency supplies to keep in your vehicle:

It’s a great idea to keep a similar kit at home and at your office – has a full list!

Know your Severe Weather Risk Severe weather impacts every part of the country. One of the best ways to prepare is to know the hazards for your area. is a great place to start – just click on your state to learn more!

Join America’s PrepareAthon and take action to prepare for the severe weather hazards in your area. More at

Severe weather impacts every part of the country. How does it affect your family? Be a Force of Nature

Talk with your kids about severe weather. Know the facts:

Tornado Terms:
Watch = tornadoes are possible.
Warning = A tornado has been sighted. Take shelter immediately.

Join @PrepareAthon, @NWSFortWorth, @WX5FWD & take action! Talk with your family about hazards in your community:

Know your risk of severe weather. Bookmark and Be A Force of nature

Take action, prepare and spread the word!

Take action to increase emergency preparedness in your neighborhood. Join America’s PrepareAthon at and spread the word!

What are Wireless Emergency Alerts?


Learn more from our partners @NOAA and share with your friends!

Winging it is not an emergency plan

Make a disaster plan with your kids at #BeAForce of Nature! #TXSWAW