NWS UPDATE: Winter Weather Potential Today and Tonight

From: National Weather Service, Fort Worth
Date: Friday, 8 February 2019 9:46 CDT

Bottom Line
Some wintry precipitation is possible today and this evening. While most areas are not expected to experience travel impacts, a potential exists for some localized heavier bursts of snow or sleet from mid-afternoon through the evening hours mainly south of I-20 which could result in minor travel impacts during the evening rush.

Through This Morning:
Light sleet, possibly mixed with snow, will be possible through the morning hours south of I-20. No travel impacts or accumulations are expected from this activity as precipitation should remain light.

This Afternoon and into Tonight:
Activity may spread northward towards the I-20/30 corridors this afternoon and evening with a mixture of rain and sleet changing to rain and snow. Any wintry precipitation in this region is expected to be light with no travel impacts anticipated.

One area that has a *potential* to experience some minor travel impacts is south of I-20 into Central Texas (outlined by the gray-shading in “This Afternoon and Evening” graphic below). While surface temperatures are forecast to rise just above freezing this afternoon, they could fall quickly if embedded bursts of snow or sleet develop. This could result in light accumulations beginning on grassy and elevated surfaces towards the evening rush. The potential for and magnitude of any travel impacts will depend entirely on localized heavier rates.

Precipitation intensity will quickly diminish tonight.

Areas of Concern/Timing

Concern: This Morning

Concern: This Afternoon and Evening

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What We Are Certain Of:

  • A mix of sleet, rain, and snow will accompany an upper level disturbance this afternoon and evening.
  • Freezing rain and icing is unlikely.
  • Precipitation should transfer over to more of a cold rain overnight, though some sleet will still be possible.

What We Are Watching (or Are Less Certain Of):

  • The location of the heavier bands of precipitation. If these shift farther north than expected, then locations currently not expected to see much wintry precipitation -- including much of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex -- could see impacts.
  • The precipitation rates, which may result in colder temperatures than currently forecast. This could enhance the impacts to travel.


Is winter weather guaranteed? Not for everyone, but some light sleet and light snow will occur this afternoon, primarily south of I-20/30.

Will the roads be icy? No major impacts are anticipated as surface temperatures should generally be above freezing. However, some locally heavier bursts of sleet or snow could result in brief accumulations on roads before it can melt.

Will a Winter Weather Advisory be issued? If it appears that accumulations on roads are more likely to occur, an advisory would be issued for parts of area.

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