NWS UPDATE: Severe Storms Possible this Afternoon/Evening.

From: National Weather Service, Fort Worth
Date: Wednesday, 27 May 2020 9:40 CDT

Bottom Line
Strong to severe thunderstorms will be possible this afternoon and evening, mainly across Central Texas.

Thunderstorms will likely develop this afternoon south of I-20 and west of the I-35 corridor. A highly unstable atmosphere will materialize this afternoon, yielding the potential for storms with large hail. Additionally, as the storms mature, a damaging wind threat will develop and persist through the duration of the event. Storm motion will likely be to the southeast and fast enough to prevent widespread flash flooding, but given recent rainfall, if any one location receives heavy rain over a short period of time, the flooding potential will increase.

Areas of Concern

Threats/Hazardous Weather Types

Forecaster Confidence
We are generally confident of severe storms developing this afternoon, but we are not confident of exactly where they will develop.

General Timing

Note: This timeline represents when significant weather may occur in ANY part of our 46-county area.

What We Are Certain Of:

  • Highest coverage of storms will remain in Central Texas.
  • Large hail and damaging winds will be the primary threats.
  • Storms will generally move to the east/southeast and will be out of our area late tonight.

What We Are Less Certain Of:

  • The influence of near-surface dry air on tornado potential, but the threat isn’t zero.
  • Whether or not there will be training thunderstorms. If storms do show a training characteristic, the flooding potential will increase.


How high will the thunderstorm winds be? 70-80 mph gusts will be possible.

Will there be tornadoes? The tornado threat is low with this event.

Will there be large hail? There is a potential for large hail this afternoon, especially across Central Texas.

Will there be severe weather after tonight? There may be some strong thunderstorms tomorrow (Thursday). Small hail and gusty winds will be the primary threats.

Will there be flooding? The flooding risk should be localized. Individual storm motion will be fast enough to prevent widespread flooding from occurring.

When will the next email update be sent? This will be the last email for this event.

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