The WX5FWD SKYWARN™ team are volunteer radio operator liaisons for the Fort Worth National Weather Service (NWS) North Texas SKYWARN™ Spotters. During SKYWARN events, you are reporting information to our team and the NWS warning forecasters. Three goals of a storm spotter are to safely observe, identify and report conditions.

Weather spotters provide what's called "ground truth" to the National Weather Service and emergency weather management. Spotters are needed because, while radar is very good at helping the National Weather Service see what's going on in the upper atmosphere, it's unable to detect what's actually happening on the ground because of the curvature of the Earth. Knowing the "ground truth" about a weather event from the location can be the deciding factor to issue a warning.

NWS UPDATE: Severe Weather Late This Afternoon and Evening


From: National Weather Service, Fort Worth
Date: Monday, 3 May 2021 9:35 CDT

Bottom Line

After a warm and dry afternoon, strong to severe thunderstorms will be possible this evening mainly across North Texas.

CWA SKYWARN Frequencies Table


CWA Local SKYWARN Frequencies Table

SPOTTER reporting with Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP) Links


The Ft. Worth NWS SKYWARN Team operate multiple amateur radio systems, including RoIP systems such as EchoLink IRLP and Allstar. Our RoIP systems are normally dedicated to direct connections with remote SKYWARN spotter radio stations in affected areas during weather events.

Placefiles and Shapefiles for GRLevel3

Placefile We've created some GRLevel3 placefiles and shapefiles for SKYWARN® repeaters and roads in the County Warning Area (CWA).

SKYWARN® Radio Network Conference Guidelines

Emergency traffic, tornado activity or weather that is an imminent threat to life and/or property has top priority.

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