Placefiles and Shapefiles for GRLevel3

Static Placefiles

These can be downloaded to your computer. They are not likely to change.

Dynamic Placefiles

These placefiles may change periodically. Copy the URL to your GRLevel3 Placefile manager to ensure the latest version is loaded and displayed. These may also be copied to your computer in case you are not always connected to the Internet.


These shapefiles may be downloaded to your computer and loaded in GRLevel3 to display local roads. You may find these shapefiles for the CWA are smaller and load faster than the older state shapefiles published elsewhere. These were created from 2019 Tiger/Line map data. To install, download the ZIP files, extract into a directory, load the shapefile (.shp) and style (.sty) files using the GRLevel3 GIS Load Shapefile menu. Note: Shapefiles are associated with the currently selected RADAR when loaded. Each RADAR selected may be associated with different, or same, shapefiles. But you must do this for each RADAR.