The WX5FWD SKYWARN™ team are volunteer radio operator liaisons for the Fort Worth National Weather Service (NWS) North Texas SKYWARN™ Spotters. During SKYWARN events, you are reporting information to our team and the NWS warning forecasters. Three goals of a storm spotter are to safely observe, identify and report conditions.

Weather spotters provide what's called "ground truth" to the National Weather Service and emergency weather management. Spotters are needed because, while radar is very good at helping the National Weather Service see what's going on in the upper atmosphere, it's unable to detect what's actually happening on the ground because of the curvature of the Earth. Knowing the "ground truth" about a weather event from the location can be the deciding factor to issue a warning.

NWS UPDATE: Tuesday-Wednesday Thunderstorm Potential


From: National Weather Service, Fort Worth
Date: Tuesday, 28 March 2017 10:15 CDT

Bottom Line
Two rounds of strong/severe storms will impact North and Central Texas this afternoon and tonight. The higher threat for severe storms this afternoon and tonight will be along and west of the Interstate 35 corridor. Another round of strong/severe storms appears likely Wednesday afternoon and evening, mainly east of Interstate 35/35E. We are expecting three rounds of storms: this afternoon, overnight, and late Wednesday afternoon. The strongest storms are expected this afternoon, while most of the area will receive a squall line overnight.

A few storms may develop over North and Central Texas through the day, and some of these may become strong, even producing some small hail. Additional thunderstorms are expected to develop to our west this afternoon along the dryline, moving north and northeast. These storms are expected to move into our western counties late this afternoon and this evening. These storms will likely be severe producing very large hail (potentially baseball sized or larger), damaging winds, and and possibly a tornado or two. Isolated flash flooding may be possible if storms train over an area.

This first round of storms will likely move north of the region this evening while the second round of storms develops back to our west. This round of storms is expected to move west to east across the region as a squall line overnight. Damaging wind and hail will be possible along with an isolated tornado or two. Flash flooding may also occur in locations that were impacted with heavier rain earlier in the evening. The squall line will likely weaken in intensity as it moves east of the I-35 corridor, or possibly before then.

Isolated thunderstorms will be possible Wednesday afternoon, with hail being the main threat in the east. Please see the attached pdf for additional information concerning locations mentioned.

2016 SKYWARN Recognition Day QSL Log


Thank you! Everyone who participates in SKYWARN storm spotting makes SKYWARN Recognition Day a wonderful event. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

The W5W/WX5FWD station logged 260 contacts in total, including 44 NWS offices.

We have created a log of contacts with a link to display a QSL card for printing. Click on the Read More to display the QSL Log page.

NWS Special Event 2016 SKYWARN® Recognition Day

NWS Special EventNWS Special Event

2016 SKYWARN® Recognition Day

Fort Worth NWS CWA The annual SKYWARN® Recognition Day event is from Friday evening, December 2nd 18:00 (6PM) CST until Saturday December 3rd 18:00 (6PM) CST. Or in UTC time December 3, 2016, from 00:00 to 24:00 UTC.

SKYWARN Recognition Day was developed in 1999 by the National Weather Service (NWS) and the American Radio Relay League (ARRL). It celebrates the contributions that volunteer SKYWARN radio operators make to the National Weather Service. During the event, SKYWARN radio operators visit NWS offices and contact other radio operators across the world. This event is also aimed at strengthening the bond between Amateur Radio operators and local NWS offices.

National information regarding SKYWARN Recognition Day is published at and the ARRL. A list of participating NWS offices is on the NWS SKYWARN Recognition Day web page. The national event organizer is Matt Mehle from the Monterrey CA NWS forecast office. Matt and the Monterrey staff do an outstanding job for this event! David McAnally (WD5M), with support from the WX5FWD Radio Desk Team, is the local coordinator for the Fort Worth NWS WFO.

As in previous years, North Texas spotters are encouraged to participate in SKYWARN Recognition Day, and log radio contacts with NWS offices and SKYWARN spotter groups.

SKYWARN volunteers may visit the Fort Worth Weather Forecast Office on Saturday December 3. Lunch will be provided. Visitors must RSVP before Friday, December 2 via, or send email to Please RSVP including your name, email address, call sign (not required), and county. More details will be provided to attendees via email. Please RSVP if you plan to visit.

Continuity of Operations Test Between NWS Offices

CO-OP Test

Gary Woodall, Warning Coordination Meteorologist, National Weather Service Memphis, TN, coordinated a Continuity of Operations (CO-OP) Test on HF radios for November 3, 2016. NWS Offices participating included Fort Worth, TX (WX5FWD), Little Rock, AR (WX5LZK) and Memphis, TN (WX4MEM). HF SSB radio contact was successful on 40M and 80M bands. Jory McIntosh (KJ5RM), Rick Sagers (W7YC), Mike Heskett (WB5QLD) and David McAnally participated from the Fort Worth NWS WFO.

ARRL Field Day 2016 QSL Log

We have published a preliminary log of Field Day contacts with a feature to display a QSL card for possible printing. We will be reviewing and updating as necessary over the next several days.

Click on Read More to display the QSL Log page.

Preliminary W5W's Contest Summary Report for ARRL-FIELD-DAY

 Total Contacts = 652

 Operating Period: 2016/06/25 18:25 - 2016/06/26 17:59

 Total Contacts by Band and Mode:

 Band       CW   Phone     Dig   Total       %
 ----       --   -----     ---   -----     ---
   80        0       1       0       1       0
   40        0     233       4     237      36
   20        0     360       2     362      56
   15        0      35       1      36       6
   10        0       1       0       1       0
    6        0      15       0      15       2
            --   -----     ---   -----     ---
 Total       0     645       7     652     100
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